Dear Mr. Bruce Willis( aka Mr. John McClane)

Dear Mr. Bruce Willis,

Once I heard about your recent retirement from showbiz due to medical reasons ( aphasia), I could not help but think that you have to deal with this head-on .

I had watched all your Die Hard movies and your main character alter-ego John McClane had to be the lone wolf battling all those evil forces, the David vs. Goliath scenarios, the everyday Joe put into the wrong place, wrong time situations but with spunk, wit and determination, would always come out to save the day.

The only difference this time is that you will be not alone in your dealing with aphasia. You have the love and support of your family and especially your friends and fans , all rooting for you to come out of this a much stronger person. Like your main character, you will do your darn best to make this happen.

Lifting out some of your best John McClane quotes—

Contrary to 1 quote that you said that you gained nothing from being a hero, you had earned our love and respect as you dealt with the bad guys on the big screen as well as offscreen.

If we ever find you on the beach coastline, we can possibly drop by, say hello and have a few laughs.

And finally, as you face this latest medical scenario, we all together with you will voice out your famous trademark battlecry– Yippee-ki-yay!



    • I did not watch that movie but i heard that it was good.

      • man it is a sad movie. how s the atlantic to day?

      • Rain and flurries here right now on my end. Still a typical winter-spring transition day here.

      • sweet april.

  1. Great post. I am, too a fan of the Die Hard movies. Bruce Willis will definitely be missed.

    • Thank you. Hopefully, he will come out of this in a much better scenario.🤞🤞

      • Fingers crossed ❤

  2. Jim W. said:

    A great, underrated actor 👍👍

      • Jim W. said:

        yes ❤️❤️

  3. I laughed recently when someone said, “Die Hard’s not a Christmas movie!” Of course, it is and one of the best. ❤

  4. Great movie, what a shame these illness are not well researched at all.

    • True. Sadly, it had to take a celebrity to make such awareness more profound. Hopefully, more research awareness will lead to a cure.

  5. Paola Pioletti70 said:

    A little sad for a great actor

    • Yes but at least he knows he is loved and supported by hs family and frends. It helpsas he deals with the illness as well as hoping for a cure.

  6. I was into Bruce Willis’ Armageddon performance before The Sixth Sense made it big time back in the late 90s. Somehow he made quite a good comeback through M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass just three years ago. I must say this man has made one of the best acts in the world. Respect! 😎

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