Mass Shootout at a Pathmark Supermarket in Old Bridge,New Jersey,USA

Like a bad rewind of a movie, once again, another place has been hit by a mass shootout care of a lone gunman ,this time at a Pathmark supermarket in Old Bridge,New Jersey, USA  which is 24 miles SW of Newark, New Jersey’s port city.

Before 4 am Eastern Time today,as employees of that supermarket were working inside restocking shelves in preparation for the supermarket’s opening in a few hours’ time, a mass shootout occurred which prompted a call to authorities. The aftermath produced 3 fatalities including a lone gunman believed to be a disgruntled employee. 2 supermarket windows were believed to be broken in for accessible entry.

Investigations are still ongoing but I couoldn’t help but think that exactly 1 week ago, a similar shooting by a disgruntled former employee gunned down his former employer near the Empire State Building in New York City.

Taking a tally now of the mass shootouts since July this year at the ff places: Aurora Colorado moviehouse,Sikh Temple in Oak Creek,Wisconsin; Texas A& M campus, Empire State Buiding and now this here in Old Bridge,New Jersey. The last time a mass shootout at a supermarket had happened was on Jan. 8, 2011 in Tucson,Arizona at the Safeway Supermarket where almost a dozen people had died and 1 congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford was gravely wounded but survived.

5 shootouts almost within 1-2 weeks’ interval  from each other? Life is really that expendable now? Makes one think that gun access and use has really been quite free and lax this time.

Advocates for gun reform? Don’t hold your breath! As long as some folks think that they can settle their problems directly by just using a gun to drive a point will be very hard to control.

If you strongly believe that changes will be made as far as use of  guns are concerned, then pigs can really fly this time.


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