The Neighbors– The New ABC Comedy Show on Human and Alien Relations

One of the newest comedy shows to hit town since the start of this year’s TV season is titled “The Neighbors” on ABC. It depicts suburban living between a human family(The Weaver family headed by Marty and Debbie Weaver) and a whole flotilla of space aliens called Zabvronians assuming human form after their spaceship crash-landed on Earth. It’s unclear when these space aliens will ever return to their previous galaxy home but in the meantime, they try to make the most of their Earth stay by trying to fit in inspite of great trepidation and  paranoia leading to hilarious moments of growing pains.

The Weavers on the other hand had just moved to suburbia and had to deal with these space aliens who in a funny way assume celebrity names like their space leader and patriarch Larry Bird and matriarch Jackie Joyner-Kersee.. As if adjusting to a new home isn’t hard enough, they also have to deal with  these aliens who practically bought up and lived in the rest of the gated subdivision for some time now,exhibiting strange habits for example….the need to not eat nor drink,putting a lot of plants in their bathrooms and apparently has no need to bathe either.

As the  story went on in  the coming weeks, both the Weavers and the aliens have gradually warmed up  to each other and have gone to great pains to adjust to one another’s habits and idiosyncracies but without any demands from one another to totally change their individual personas  for the sake of their evolving friendship as well as to protect the Zabvronians’ real identities from other human beings.

Which leads me to think that true friendship involve adjusting to and accepting of other’s flaws and strengths and not change the shared camaraderie that one feels for another in spite of such realities.

We usually don’t choose who our neighbors would be but sometimes, if cordial neighborly relations aren’t at least possible , we try to adapt by ignoring them or totally moving out to another place so as to avoid them.

The old saying: “Good fences make good neighbors” holds true.

One’s neighbor or even yourself aren’t mandated to tell one another your inner secrets and personal history. To force it would imply meddling and invasion of one’s  personal space. Being respectful and polite to them  is the least basic courtesy that both of you owe one another without necessarily becoming friends. And that’s not a crime,believe me. At least in the realm of achieving peace and tranquility, it serves its purpose.

Just my 2 cents on this matter.



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